The Easiest Skin Whitening Techniques Are More Available Than Ever!

Who said that history can’t be fun when you can found out that women were obsessed with skin whitening techniques since the beginning of times! As far as Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire go, women used to use some kind of lead powder to make themselves look as perfect possible, but would sometimes even cause death! Also, Cleopatra was known worldwide for her luxurious bath, with only but the finest milk to keep her skin as radiant, perfect and… as white as possible? And what about the women back in the 19th century that used to eat significant portions of chalk to make their faces a warm shade of white?


People would do almost anything to get the faces or bodies they desire, but lucky for us those lead powder days are long gone and the research in skin whitening techniques will not make any more victims. We are now in the possession of the most effective and the most easy to use products that the dermatologists and the cosmetics business have to offer, so why not take advantage of this?

Illuminating powder

A first step into conquering the skin whitening techniques would be to look at your daily make up routine and identify your first problems there. Most likely, an illuminating powder will lift your face up and make you glow just like a star in matter of minutes, without putting too much of it on (which is always a good thing, because too much make up tends to have the exact opposite effect). The illuminating powder will work perfectly for women with greasier skin, because it doesn’t add up all that unnecessary “make up baggage”.

The correct way to apply this illuminating powder would be to use it just after you applied your foundation! You’re going to need a light brush and to softly apply it on the “edges” of your face: forehead, cheeks and, if need, on your chin.

The power of a cream illuminator

As I mentioned before, the illuminating powder is especially recommended for greasier skins because it’s really good in balancing this, but if you have a dry skin it would be better for you to choose a illuminating make up, but in the form of a cream, as a skin whitening technique. This is actually, in some way, better than the powder because it can be designed to have all the healthy attributes of a regular face cream! This way, you can go for a illuminating face cream that will also protect you from getting sun burnt. Also, another popular choice would be the illuminating face cream that will help you in your battle against acne!

Your body can be “illuminated” too!

Although the skin on your body isn’t often thought of as a possible skin whitening technique, you can just try on a glittery body cream, and your skin will just light up instantly, making for a spectacular effect, mostly on cloudy days.

Rose Clarke

My name is Rose. I used to be very self-conscious about my uneven and often dark skin tone. I created this blog to share my experience with everyone out there who’s curious about skin whitening. Here, you'll learn about my secrets on how I achieved glowing white skin.

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