Natural Skin Lightening – Your Most Expensive Accessory

Yes, we know, it’s hard enough being a woman nowadays, with all the stress and harmful environment factors that prevent you from having that gorgeous natural skin lightening! Still, what would you say if a healthier and more effective way to achieve it, that is right in front of you, and you don’t even realize it, exists? Let me share this little secret with you and your life will be so much better, from this point of view!


Food is not only meant to give your body the energy level it needs, but it’s the base to obtaining that natural skin lightening you crave for. How could this be? Let’s go through your basic types of food and learn what they can do for your skin.


Citrics have a high content of limonene which if proven to help you avoid skin cancer and give you that natural skin lightening! So if you want to sunbath and avoid that dried out look that over-exposure to the sun, load up on citrics and enjoy your glow!

Green tea

This gentle flavored tea is well known for being filled with all kind of healthy antioxidants! These tiny particles of joy will not only protect you from the damaging effects of the sun, but it will also maintain a natural skin lightening!

Spinach (and most green vegetables)

Like the green tea, spinach (and most green vegetables, for that matter) is really rich in antioxidants! You don’t have to be a Popeye fan to know it’s really great for your health, but I think that that the fact that spinach will keep your natural skin lightening is a definite reason why this should be on your menu tonight!


The most important part of the carrot is the carotene because it’s the element that makes them so orange and the element that will make your skin glow! Based on this thinking, any other fruit and vegetable that has this kind of particle that it gives it a red color is guaranteed to protect your skin and give the impression you just got back from the beauty salon.


This wonderful water creature is really going to take care of you once you include it in your menu once in a while. The salmon is really rich in Omega 3, which is really well known for keeping your cells cancer free all the time! Who would have thought a fish will ensure a natural skin lightening?


I know many are allergic to this and I feel so sorry for them, but not only are the nuts a really healthy snack when you feel like going crazy on junk food, but it’s also really rich in Omega 3 (just like the salmon). Craving just a little bit?

If you’re going to stay healthy on the inside, the natural skin lightening will be your most cherished accessory!

Rose Clarke

My name is Rose. I used to be very self-conscious about my uneven and often dark skin tone. I created this blog to share my experience with everyone out there who’s curious about skin whitening. Here, you'll learn about my secrets on how I achieved glowing white skin.

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